Modernisation for lifts and escalators

Prepare your building for the future

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    To make your buildings last, maintenance alone is sometimes insufficient, and modernisation becomes essential.

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    By investing in modernising your lift or escalator, you not only enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment but also preserve the overall value of your building.

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    It is a reliable solution to get your equipment back on track, save costs, and meet some ESG goals.

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WeMaintain is a mission-led company
B Corp certified:
By choosing our modernisation services, you contribute to sustainable practices and take an active step towards meeting your environmental objectives.

The problems you might be facing today

Frequent breakdowns & no visibility

Constant inconveniences and a lack of transparency, lead to major dissatisfactions, delays and unexpected budget overruns.

Aging units and spare-parts

If your equipment is over 10 years old, it may fail to meet new regulations, and fall short of aesthetic expectations.

Suboptimal performance

High energy consumption, unplanned expenses, and inefficient operations are indicators that your equipment needs a revamp.

Unlock the potential of your building with Modernisation

Enhanced Safety

Don't compromise on safety. Modernisation incorporates advanced safety features. These enhancements reduce the risk of accidents and ensures the well-being of your users.


With modernisation, we proactively identify potential issues, allowing us to take corrective action before they escalate. This results in reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs, uninterrupted operations and improves the overall efficiency of your building.

Energy Efficiency

Modernisation will optimise the energy efficiency of your lifts and escalators, helping you achieve your environmental goals while lowering energy consumption and costs. By upgrading outdated equipment and adapting a data-driven approach you can identify energy-intensive components and optimise their usage.

Aesthetics & Comfort

Enhance occupant satisfaction with a revamped lift environment. Utilising modern materials and techniques, we align your lift's aesthetics with your building's style. Modernisation refreshes its appearance with features like custom lighting, contemporary mirrors, and stylish wall coverings.

Cost Management

Strategic upgrades minimise maintenance needs and extend the lifespan of lifts and escalators. By reducing frequent repairs and replacements, we lower waste generation and resource-intensive replacements, resulting in cost savings.

Compliance with Regulations

Our modernisation services ensure that your equipment is up to date with regulations and compliance changes. Ensuring adherence to the latest safety and accessibility standards set by regulatory bodies.

Why choose WeMaintain for your Modernisation Project?

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    Maximise the efficiency of your assets with Maximize intelligent maintenance.

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    Enhance the efficiency of your assets through our advanced intelligent maintenance solutions.

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    Our Maximize offer empowers you to harness real-time data for enhanced short-term facility monitoring and to strategically optimise your long-term investments.

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We help you chose wisely:

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    Modernisation vs full replacement.

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    • When exploring modernisation options, it's essential to carefully consider the advantages. Opting for a complete lift replacement can be expensive and lead to substantial downtime. On the other hand, modernisation allows us to save time while also minimising waste and reducing the environmental impact compared to full replacement.
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    • By preserving usable equipment and implementing strategic upgrades, we can also reduce costs. Opting for modernisation will not only enhances your building's performance but also aligns with your environmental goals.

Cost-effective upgrades:

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    Modernise your hydraulic lifts with hydroware

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    WeMaintain offers the opportunity to upgrade and modernise your hydraulic lifts while preserving the essential shaft components. By incorporating Hydroware equipment, you can achieve up to 50% more energy efficiency, leading to cost savings and environmental advantages.

    Moreover, our modernisation process ensures shorter project durations compared to full replacements, guaranteeing a quicker and smoother experience for you.

Prepare your building for the future with WeMaintain

Get in touch with our modernisation team to schedule a full survey of your existing assets. We'll provide tailored solutions that address your access needs, environmental obligations, and budget.

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